Open Synod on Climate Change 25th February 2020

‘Climate change’ can evoke many conflicting emotions in us, potentially leading us to feel overwhelmed by the whole subject.  This then leaves us with the question “what can I do?”.

At the recent Open Synod in Poole, The Bishop of Salisbury and A Rocha, jointly hosted a discussion on this very subject.

We know this is complicated so what can we do not to become overwhelmed?

Three words were used to describe an approach to living in climate change times of uncertainty in a way that will help us not to be overwhelmed:

Enjoy, Nurture and Defend.

Enjoy:- deliberately enjoy what is around – views, birds, buds, insects, wildlife – whatever we encounter in the natural environment.

Nurture:- grow something, look after a pet, feed the birds, create wild spaces in our garden.

Defend:- choose something that matters to us to defend; ancient woods, threatened species, water courses; gather information, write, petition, protest, volunteer.

These lists are obviously not exhaustive and there are many places to go for information.  However, it does give us a starting point to be thinking about.

Enjoy!   Nurture!   Defend!