Exciting News about Reconnect

At our recent worship Sunday, we celebrated, hooted, drummed, sang and ate lots of cake as we welcomed Rev Lucy Bolster to step into leadership of Reconnect. We’re delighted to have been able to to get to know her and her family since they moved to TurlinMoor estate in Poole, two and a half years ago. 

She will be working with a small oversight team (Phil James, Nick Bold and Hilary Hockley). They are hoping to prayerfully release potential, act for the flourishing of our community now and plan for the future.

Lucy says “I am hope-filled and excited to be here, in this time and place;  working with the diverse community of Reconnect across Poole. This year, I invite us to hold the words of Trust and Curiosity as we adventure together. Let’s trust that God really is everywhere and we can expect to find him as we enjoy our deepening relationships and community life. Let’s be curious about one another and the different stories and contexts in which we find ourselves. Each person, from whatever life experience, background, and personality has something to offer into our shared journey together.  Let’s listen carefully to one another and be playfully curious about the big questions and the small everyday ones. I look forward to us continuing to work out together what it means to live out our Reconnect core values and way of life.