Space to Reconnect – October 2020

We will seek to live amongst others…..

Below is a snap shot of the discussion. As much as possible, peoples own words are used. The stories, thoughts, feelings and ideas are those of the individuals who joined in on the chat and paint a really helpful picture of what is going on within Reconnect.

Just a note to say that, it was important that we listened and recorded all these comments, but they do not necessarily represent the views of everyone and should not be read as such.


– Neighbourliness increased during the spring / summer lockdown, and although some of this may have faded a little recently, the foundations of caring neighbourhood networks remain (Various neighbourhood groups based around mutual support and care).

– Little things make a difference. People can feel really nurtured by a small act of kindness and inclusion (people on the fringes of Reconnect being included and cared for).

– Being involved in something new that was started by others and is not in our control can be really positive.

– There has been some sadness as connections with others from Reconnect have reduced, but it has bought about more opportunities and freedom for new things with others.

– A sense of community can take a long time to develop and sometimes people move at difference paces. This sometimes requires us to be patient and tolerant.

– Sometimes, invites to be involved in each other’s lives can appear at short notice and this can be both positive and challenging.

– It can be good to have excuses to linger, meet people and really listen to others (Pedestrianisation of Poole park).

– Pedestrianisation can be like a metaphor for this particular ‘way of life’. As we get out of our cars (busy lives full of agenda) and find ourselves better able to engage with each other, a sense of community grows.

– Exploring ‘wondering’ type questions with others can be really fruitful and rewarding.- It is important for our engagement with those around us to be a ‘lifestyle’ and not a ‘project’.

– It can be good to be challenged by other people’s activism(Pedestrianisation and increasing cycling).

– It is important that we handle ‘difference’ carefully and not presume that we all agree with each other.


– Engaging with others around us can go against the grain of popular culture. Sometimes it feels like we are trying to persuade others to be more ‘local’.

– Managing other people’s expectations of us can be challenging.

– Some of us are primarily focused on our work relationships as opposed to our neighbourhood relationships. Covid has had a profound impact on many of our work environments and this has been quite challenging.

– We often long to see changes in the people around us, but change may take a long time.

– Different people will flourish in different settings and this can be both a blessing and a challenge.

– At times it can feel like there is a tension between simple relationship and a desire to help people grow as followers of Jesus. It is important to exercise discernment as we decide who to intentionally encourage in their faith journey.