New term card and Reconnect Daily Prayer

I-am-the-Vine-900x562We are entering a new season at Reconnect. Over the next 5 months we are exploring the theme of ‘Abide with Me’ on our Community Worship Sundays. There are times in the life of any community when it is time to replenish energies, return to first principles and remember why we are who we are. Jesus’ teaching on the vine from John 16 suggests that perhaps there is a divine rhythm for spiritual growth which individuals and communities should be aware of; growing, fruitbearing, pruning, abiding. That last word abiding is what we are going to explore, looking at how we are called to resource our life as a missional community through worship, prayer, scripture, creation and one another. If you would like a copy of our new term card with this and more information on the life of Reconnect than you can find it here.

We have also recently launched our new Rhythm of Prayer, which aim to support the life of Reconnect in prayer week by week. This includes a simple form of Daily Prayer which we hope people will find useful as they seek to find time to pray each day. This simple form of prayer is in addition to a weekly prayer email and prayer gathering, details of which can be found on our term card.