work:space developments

work:space has continued to develop in Barclays HQ on the Wimbourne Rd. We now offer a small library of books on spirituality and work that people can borrow. There has been lots of good discussion recently following on from the programme ‘The Big Silence’ on BBC2. In this programme 5 busy people volunteered to go on an 8 day silent retreat and the programme followed them as they all were impacted by the experience and then struggled to convert that expereince into their normal life. The connection between the spiritual ‘exercise’ and intergrating its fruit into life is a key one. For a website related to the programme (which is no longer on the iPlayer) go to

We are now also doing a series of talks on issues in the workplace that people want to explore. Issues on a deeper level such as ethics, life/work balance etc. Today we begin with a talk on ‘The Moral Workplace?’.

In other developments we are exploring the possibility of seeing a similar group emerge in other workplaces, in particular the RNLI HQ and the Civic Centre of the Brough of Poole.